Astrohaus is Set to Launch its Most Affordable Freewrite Digital Typewriter in January 2024!

Freewrite Digital Typewriter in January 2024

The device aims to improve the writing experience for both professionals and enthusiasts. Priced at $349, this glossy device is designed to offer distraction-unfastened surroundings, bringing back the essence of targeted creativity. Astrohaus makes its clients happy by sharing the news: “Astrohaus is set to launch its most affordable free-write digital typewriter in January 2024.”

Distraction-Free Writing for Maximum Productivity

Freewrite Alpha stands proud of its commitment to minimizing distractions. By eliminating internet surfing skills and emails, Astrohaus aims to create an environment wherein writers can pay attention solely to their craft. The tool is tailored for folks who seek a virtual detox, offering writing enjoyment comparable to that of a traditional typewriter.

Design and Features

The Freewrite Alpha boasts a minimalistic layout, offering a single reflective monochromatic LCD. This strategic circulation not only contributes to a distraction-free writing area but also extends the device’s battery life to an outstanding 100 hours. The reintroduction of mechanical switches, especially the Kailh Choc V2 low-profile switches, ensures a tactile and responsive typing experience, addressing a key difficulty for users of the previous Freewrite Traveler model.

Battery Life and Connectivity

One of the standout capabilities of the Freewrite Alpha is its extraordinary 100-hour battery life, making it a dependable accomplice for writers on the go. The inclusion of USB-C supports the typewriter, enhancing its standard usability. Despite its barely heavier weight in comparison to the Traveler, the Alpha continues portability, making it a handy choice for writers at a lower price point.

Crowdfunding Success and Market Entry

Freewrite Alpha’s journey to market was fueled by a successful Indiegogo marketing campaign, which amassed over $446,000 in funding. Early backers had been rewarded with an $8 discount, underscoring the high anticipation for this progressive writing device. With orders already being fulfilled, Freewrite Alpha enters the marketplace at a time when writers are searching for equipment that fosters centred creativity.

Changes from Previous Models

Compared to its predecessors, Freewrite Alpha makes strategic adjustments to enhance the user experience while keeping charges in check. The removal of the E Ink display in favor of a reflective monochromatic LCD screen contributes to the tool’s affordability. The shift to an unmarried display screen, though extraordinary from the twin-display screen feature of advanced models, aligns with the Alpha’s awareness of simplicity and functionality.


As Astrohaus prepares to deliver the Freewrite Alpha, it marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital typewriters. With a dedication to distraction-unfastened writing, a prolonged battery life, and a greater low-priced fee point, the Freewrite Alpha is poised to become a fave among writers looking for stability in their way of life and cutting-edge convenience. The resurgence of mechanical switches, coupled with wireless report syncing with popular cloud services, positions the Freewrite Alpha as a tool that resonates with the wishes of the writing community. In January 2024, Astrohaus offers no longer just a typewriter but a testament to the continuing trend of technology designed to empower and inspire centred creativity.

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